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Friday, October 11, 2019

Everett Pendleton w/opening act Soren Hallet

Featured Charity: Waltham House

Price: $15.00

Everett Pendleton wopening act Soren Hallet


“I love music. I love playing guitar. I love singing. If you're not crazy about the song I'm playing right now, wait a couple of minutes!” - Everett

Everett Pendleton is what you call “a musician's musician.” Not only does he play guitar with great chops and exquisite taste, he is also one of the most amazing singers you will ever hear. Plus, he has a 1000-watt smile that lights up the room.

Everett brings a genuine love for music to all that he does. Born and raised in Chicago, Everett comes from a musical family. His dad, Penny Pendleton, Everett's father, was a very accomplished and respected jazz bassist on the Chicago scene.

Over the years, Everett has become an incredibly in-demand musician. Since 1993 he’s been playing with Jon Svetkey, and has been the lead guitarist in The Loomers. He’s traveled to China and Brazil, taught at the Bass Workshop in New Hampshire, and he currently plays (bass guitar!) with Gary Backstrom. To paraphrase the great cartoon legend Freakazoid, "HE'S GOT LEGS BABY! HE'S EVERYWHERE!"

Oh yeah, did we mention he's also a fine songwriter in his own right? Come and find out how amazing Everett is.

OPENING ACT: Soren Hallet

Soren was the winner of Belmont Idol 2018. Currently a senior at Belmont High, this is Soren’s debut appearance at our coffeehouse. It’s also his professional debut!

This Month's Featured Charity: Waltham House

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